4 Ways Google Can Help Your Charity

4 Ways Google Can Help Your Charity

Back in 2013 Google launched 'Google for Nonprofits' in the UK, a tool that allows charities within the UK to gain free access to Google tools and receive a free Adwords budget. If you haven't already heard about these freebies from Google then you could be missing out!


Google asks that organisations meet the following criteria in order to participate in the Google for Non-Profits programme:

  • Based in the United Kingdom
  • Registered as a charitable organisation within primary location, for example registered with the Charity Commission or HM Revenue & Customs
  • Must not be a governmental entity or organisation
  • Must not be a hospital or health care organisation
  • Must not be a school, childcare centre, academic institution or university

How can Google help?

1. Google Apps for Non-Profits

Google Apps for Non Profits is free for all members of Google for Nonprofits and allows charities access to the full Google Apps suite which includes Gmail, Google Calendar and Google Drive, helping organisations communicate and collaborate effectively online.

Google Apps for Nonprofits works to reduce IT costs and helps staff and volunteers work together through online collaboration using tools like Google Docs and a shared Google Calendar. 30GB of storage across Gmail and Google Drive means that your organisation stays connected all the time with complete security and Google even offers 24/7 tech support. Think of how productive you could become!

Samasource uses Google Apps for Nonprofits to run their business efficiently. The charity uses Google Docs for tracking international projects progress.

2. Google Ad Grants

One of the biggest and most beneficial products available through Google for Nonprofits is the Google Ad Grant. A tool that can considerably promote your organisations website with Google's search results, Ad Grants are used to create traffic and engage with supporters.

Organisations can receive up to $10,000 USD of free Google advertising per month in exactly the same way as any other company would use AdWords. It is important that you use your AdGrant effectively to optimise results by setting business goals, planning a list of keywords to target, setting your daily budget ($329 is the daily budget pre-set by Google, with a maximum CPC of $2.00), install conversion tracking using Google Analytics and above all else get the right help from those who know best.

If your organisation uses its Google Ad Grant effectively you can expect to see more visits to your website, more newsletter sign-ups and more fundraising and volunteer registrations!

The Natural Resources Defense Council has successfully used Google Ad Grants to dramatically increase the visits to it's website. The charity received 4.7million visits to the website, which is equivalent to $2.6million in advertising value.

3. YouTube Non-Profit Programme

Video is one of the most effective marketing tools available and Google can help you get the most out of your video content with the YouTube Non-Profit programme. You can set up the donation module, which allows you to raise funds directly from YouTube, you can place call to actions on your videos, and you can even get production access to shoot videos at YouTube's creator studios!

The RNLI uses YouTube's Non-Profit programme to explore new ways of increasing exposure of the charity and the volunteers. The RNLI target videos on the charities YouTube channel to a younger audience, who may not be aware of the work the charity do.

Official RNLI Youtube Page

4. Google Earth Outreach

With Google Earth and Google Maps you can now tell the story of your charity though maps by creating a narrative Google Earth movie to increase awareness or create project sites on an interactive map. Rainforest protection charities have used this tool to make people aware of deforestation and now aids in the preservation of the Amazon.

WaterAid uses Google for Nonprofits tools across the board. One of the most effective tools for the charity is Google Earth. Google maps are extremely helpful for the charities mass participation events and helps users to understand what a huge, global campaign they are part of.

If you are looking for some help with your Google for Nonprofits activity, let us know! We work with some amazing people who can help you get the most out of it.