A-Class Tips to Email Marketing Success for Charities

A-Class Tips to Email Marketing Success for Charities

Email Marketing is so important within the charity sector. Whether it’s communicating with fundraisers, donors or friends of the charity it’s crucial that once your audience hits that ‘sign up’ button they remain engaged and interested. In this guide we share some of our thoughts on how to maximise your email marketing efforts for your charity.

1. Audience

You’re about to tackle this month’s newsletter to send to your database but do you really know who you’re talking to? Is your database just one huge list packed full of email addresses and not much else?

Make your campaigns work in your favour by segmenting your database into audience type. Create lists of fundraising participants, donors, friends, partners and press and tailor material to suit the audience. Remind fundraisers of new events to get involved in, offer donors a chance to tell their story and shout about your latest news to the press. By segmenting your list you're more likely to gain higher click-through rates and conversions.

2. Acquisition

Make each and every one of your subscribers feel special. Don’t just send emails asking for money. Give something back and they’ll come back. What can you offer your subscribers? Whether it’s access to fundraising challenges before the public or exclusive research and reports, it’s important to give your email marketing campaigns a purpose.

3. Approach

What should you include in an email to your audience? Defining your audience and setting an objective to your email is a great place to start. Then start thinking outside the box and creating an email that your subscribers will love.

Tailor your subject line - ‘Fancy another challenge?’ for fundraisers or ‘We couldn’t have done it without you’ for donors. Make it personalised.

Snapshots - If your purpose is to share the latest news from your charity then make content areas short, sharp and punchy. Give your audience an engaging preview that will make them want to click through.

Organise - Consider the layout of your emails. Make them familiar and organise them into specific sections. News columns on the right or left, images displayed in a portfolio style and campaign content just under the header.

4. Automation

Don’t forget to say ‘thanks’ when new subscribers sign up to receive a newsletter from you. As well as saying ‘thank you’ when a donation has been made or a fundraising event has been completed. This can be set up automatically. Automation is there to make things easier for you.

An on-boarding strategy is perfect for this kind of activity. Closely monitor the behaviour of new users and send them targeted emails. Great for all kinds of situations - perhaps they haven’t completed a profile or maybe users have not registered to participate in a fundraising event. On-boarding creates a great understanding of your user. Create the rules and the content you want.

5. A/B Testing

Take your campaigns to the next level by testing your next email campaign. What subject lines perform better? Do visually led emails work better? If your existing email marketing campaign isn’t working for you, then now may be the time for some A/B testing.

If your charity needs some help with a future email marketing campaign please get in touch with us at us@electricputty.co.uk or give us a call on 01273 677557.