BrandStencil: Challenging the problem of brand consistency

BrandStencil: Challenging the problem of brand consistency

Over the last few weeks we’ve taken a close look at some of the issues surrounding branding for charities. We’ve looked at what branding is, why it’s important, what makes a strong charity brand and why consistency is imperative.

At Electric Putty we work with charities every day and have a good understanding of the challenges they face when it comes to branding. We observed that brand consistency was one of the areas charities were struggling to maintain and started pondering whether we could use our technical expertise to address some of these challenges.

The result is BrandStencil, our brand management application.

The challenge

One of the main challenges facing charities occurs after they have invested in their brand. They know the importance of keeping their branding consistent, but the day-to-day reality is they need to put literature together quickly and cost effectively.

This situation is heightened when a charity has supporters, local groups or individual fundraisers who need to create fundraising or awareness literature themselves. In this situation, the logistics of going through official channels to get the artwork approved and printed can be a nightmare! It takes too long and costs too much.

What so often happens is the dilution of the brand; literature will be created on an ad-hoc basis by someone outside of the design team. It will lose the messaging of the charity, the visual continuity will be forgotten and before you know it the brand consistency has disappeared.

Where does BrandStencil come in?

BrandStencil helps to address the problem of brand consistency"

Alongside conventional brand asset management, BrandStencil provides everyone in your organisation with the ability to create professional yet personalised branded material directly in a browser. Whether creating a poster, leaflet or letterhead, a person can simply login, edit an online template and it’s ready for print!

Supporting your brand

The extent of the problem with brand consistency can be clearly illustrated with one of our clients, The Army Cadet Force (ACF). Having invested in a re-brand the ACF wanted all of their communications to be consistent, but with 1700 detachments managed by 57 regional offices and each working independently, this was clearly going to be a challenge.

BrandStencil provided them with the tools to effectively distribute the new brand in a way which gave their regional offices a sense of ownership and independence, hugely helping with buy-in.

Melanie Bowran, Head of Marketing and Communications commented:

“The Army Cadet Force has had huge benefits from using BrandStencil. Not only does it ensure consistency of branding and messaging across our 1700 detachments in every corner of the UK; it also makes life easier for our hard-pressed volunteers who no longer have to create their own leaflets and posters from scratch!"

Benefits for your brand

BrandStencil can help you protect and share your brand. Doing so helps to instil trust in your organisation which, as we’ve established over these past few weeks, is imperative for gaining support. As well as this, BrandStencil makes life easier for your teams and volunteers, saving both time and money.

If you want to find out more about BrandStencil take a look at our website or give us a call for a demo.

We are currently looking for organisations to become beta partners and help us evolve and refine BrandStencil into the best brand management tool out there. You will get:

  • Instant free access for up to 25 users
  • A sample of your existing marketing material converted into web editable templates
  • A reduced monthly rate forever once the beta program has come to an end.

Don’t forget!

Next week we’ll be speaking at the Charity Comms event ‘Beyond HQ’. We’ll be talking about brand consistency and how creating a central resource hub is a must for charities with multiple branches or groups.