How to use Twitter like a Social Media Expert

How to use Twitter like a Social Media Expert

Twitter. Do you feel like it’s all just a bit of a minefield?

From ‘followers’ to ‘hashtags’, ‘retweets’ to ‘vines’ - we thought it was about time we told you what you need to know about Twitter and how to use the platform like a social media expert.

Oh and by the way, you can forget anything Vine’s in shutdown mode; so that’s one less thing to worry about hey?

Get to Grips with Hashtags

No tweet is complete without the use of a hashtag. Tweets that use hashtags get two times more engagement than those without and it opens up your audience too. A tweet with a hashtag can be seen by anyone who is interested in that hashtag or searching for tweets on that hashtag, which means your tweets are not just seen by your current clan.

So how can you find out what hashtags to use? You can take a look at Twitter’s trending topics day by day on the right hand side of your feed (on desktop) or you can use a tool like Hashtagify, TagDef or RiteTag. The Electric Putty team regularly use Hashtagify - it tells us which hashtags to use for tweets about charity, UX and more. RiteTag will also tell you what other hashtags to use in tweets that already contain trending hashtags e.g. #CharityTuesday and #4charity.

Hashtags are great for tracking the success of a new campaign too. We worked on a Poster Maker campaign recently with Crohn's and Colitis UK to support Crohn's and Colitis Awareness Week. Using the hashtag #CrohnsColitisAndMe we were able to identify and analyse just how many posters were created using the Poster Maker app, allowing us to evaluate the total reach of the campaign.

Simple Scheduling

Nowadays with so many social platforms to think about social media management and monitoring can easily become a full time job. Make it easier for you and your team by signing up to a scheduling tool like Buffer. We use Buffer at Electric Putty.

Buffer includes tools like ‘Content Inbox’ where you can easily schedule content from your favourite blogs and RSS feeds, ‘For Review’ where your team can suggest content to share (a bit like a link dump) and a pretty amazing analytics suite. You can save top performing tweets to a library and even reschedule old content that had little or no engagement. And Buffer will tell you the optimal times to share content on Twitter so your tweets hit your audience at a time when engagement is most likely.

Make Lists that are Actually Useful

We all love to write a list don’t we. But why is it that many of us don’t use lists on Twitter?

With hundreds of followers and hundreds of brands and individuals you are following, Twitter can quickly look like a very untidy database. Use lists to segment anyone you are following and you can quickly find the contacts you need.

Lists can be private too and you don’t have to be following a Twitter account to add it to a list, this is particularly useful if you want to take a sneaky peak at what your competitors are up to. Creating lists is really easy, take a look at this guide from Social Media Examiner. Here at EP HQ, we use lists to connect with industry influencers, charities, fellow #webdev geeks and our Brighton and Hove buddies.

Follow the Right Crowd

Want to find and follow influencers relevant to your industry? Use Followerwonk (a Moz tool) to search Twitter bios for keywords like ‘Marketing Manager’ or search for specific Twitter handles like @electricputty. Perhaps you want to find employees of a certain company or journalists at a publication; Followerwonk will save you time searching through pages of results on Google when you might not know a person's name.

Get the Insight

This bit is REALLY important. On a monthly basis log into your Twitter analytics, which can be accessed from your bio and take a look at how your account performs.

Using Analytics is something our marketing manager does for us every single month. We look at things like how much engagement did our activity get? Who was our top mention from? What was our most engaged tweet? This helps to benchmark activity for the next month. We try to plan content around tweets we already know receive engagement. What could be simpler?

If you need help with your social media strategy or perhaps you would like to request social media training, please get in touch with the Electric Putty team - we’ve got experts at the ready!