Our favourite Craft Plugins

Our favourite Craft Plugins

In our last post, we talked about what we loved about Craft. One of those things is that it's not only great as a standalone CMS, but is also fully extendable.

There are hundreds of plugins available, so Craft CMS can grow alongside your organisation.

We thought it might be useful to tell you a bit about our favourites; what they do and why we rate them.

Workflow by Verbb

This is a really useful plugin, which helps the charities and not-for-profit organisations that we work with, to manage multiple content writers to ensure that every blog post, page or news item that gets published is well written, timely and accurate.

Workflow uses Craft’s built-in user permissions to notify a designated publisher when an entry is ready for review. The publisher can then edit, decline or publish.  

Publishers receive email notifications, but can also manage their pipeline in the Workflow widget on their Craft dashboard.

SEOmatic by nystudio107

When we install SEOmatic, it automatically creates meta data on a website's pages. 

This time-saving plugin also creates sitemaps (which auto-update when things change) and submits them to search engines whenever a new section is added.

The SEOmatic dashboard gives a visual overview of how complete a site's SEO settings are, so it's really easy to see what needs work, right there in the CMS.

Retour by nystudio107

Retour makes redirecting URLs a cinch. Simply fill in in which URL you want to redirect along with where you want it to go and the plugin does the rest. 

Because no-one wants to spend time fixing broken redirects, this plugin is dynamic, creating redirects when an entry's slug is changed, or if it's moved around in the structure.

We really like this plugin for our multi-site clients as it can be set to apply redirects to all sites or just a selected site, as needed.

Freeform by Solspace

We regularly use this powerful plugin for our client's forms, as it makes building and managing them both simple and intuitive. Everything is managed through the drag-and-drop interface and there's a great dashboard where you can see both stats and all your submissions at a glance.

We would love to hear what your favourite Craft plugins are - we're always interested in hearing about new ideas and different ways of doing a thing!