The Electric Putty Famous Four: Organisation Tools

Organisation Tools

The first in a new series of blog posts brought to you by Electric Putty, we take a look at our ‘Famous Four’ tools, and first up is ‘organisation’. Our Senior Project Manager, Luke Davies uses these tools day in day out and insists that Electric Putty just wouldn’t function without them. That’s what makes us so organised!


‘The simple online time tracker.’

At Electric Putty we use Harvest to plan, project manage and track time spent on tasks for all our client work as well as our internal projects.  

Harvest is available on desktop, mobile and tablet too so on our way to work we can take a look at what work we have scheduled for the day, making it easier to get into the swing of things come 9.30am (along with coffee!).

All our work is web based so the Harvest plugin that’s available for Google Chrome means that time tracking is always at our fingertips too, keeping projects on schedule.



Who has time to trawl through email threads?

When we have multiple projects going live at any time, actions and feedback can easily be lost in the Gmail vortex - help!. We use channels in Slack instead. Our channels are organised into themes like #webdev, #clientchat and #design to communicate with relevant teams internally and externally.

There’s a search functionality and it integrates with other apps like Google Drive. Nothing beats face-to-face communication but Slack has revolutionised the way we work. Instant messaging gets the job done quickly.



‘Infinitely flexible. Incredibly easy to use.’

Our own interactive ‘to-do’ list; Trello uses a card system to organise projects from content calendars to development tasks. We use it to plan and manage all our projects.

It integrates with other tools like Google Drive (and Slack!) and allows you to add a due date, collaborate with team members and receive notifications if something important has happened (although the notification system is probably the one area Trello is lacking). Not only that but the handy search function means we can quickly find exactly what we’re looking for - it’s obvious all these tools have great search functions isn’t it?!


Google Drive

‘Get access to files anywhere.’

A place where you can store any files - spreadsheets, word documents, PDFs, JPEGs - whatever it is. A place where a document can be worked on in real-time by multiple users. No more file-sharing and wondering what happened to version 2.8.1…thank you!

The fact it belongs in the Google Suite of services; this tool never let’s us down. Using Google Drive means we can leave the office safe in the knowledge our files are accessible from anywhere at anytime. Hoorah!