Why you'll love Craft CMS

Why you'll love Craft CMS

Why we think Craft CMS is right for our clients

Our clients are a wide-ranging bunch of charities and not-for-profit organisations, with different goals and passions, but what they all have in common is that they want to be able to create beautiful websites that engage and inspire their audiences.

For the charities and not for profits we work with, being able to create and edit content in a simple, and intuitive way, that can be easily trained out to staff and volunteers, is absolutely essential.

We have been using Craft for our website builds since 2016 as it gives our clients exactly that.

Craft is a ‘content first’ CMS which means you can arrange your content in any order and in any combination, using a great-looking drag-and-drop interface. This gives you the ability to quickly create unique content that exactly meets your needs.

Whether you are making a call to action button, publishing a PDF, adding a video or writing a blog post, it's quick, simple to do and perfectly laid out, every time.

Don’t just take our word for it - here’s what our clients say about Craft CMS:

“Craft is the most simple and straightforward CMS I have ever used. Within minutes you can build bespoke pages that meet your objectives and look brilliant.  
It’s great for web managers and novices alike.  Within the first week I’d already trained half the office on how to use it”

Tom Moore, Digital Lead, Orbis EMEA

“Craft is honestly the best CMS I’ve ever used and beats hands down WordPress and Drupal. It’s super easy to use, responsive, and gives you a huge amount of flexibility over the layout of your content. The live preview and content block feature – which you can drag and drop anywhere on the page - gives you the chance to experiment with the layout. And the search functionality, language-switching feature, and form functionality are major assets for our site and a doddle to use."

Julie Symes - Communications Manager - Alcohol Change UK

Craft CMS - a quick overview

Live preview

Craft is really, really easy to use. You don’t need any technical knowledge and only minimal training to be able to publish and manage content.  

The live preview editor is a really powerful, time-saving feature. You preview your page as you’re creating it. No need to jump between a preview and edit screen.

Our clients love this feature as it makes sense of how the page will look before you publish it, making content creation really intuitive and quick.

Managing users

It’s easy to set and manage permissions for user groups, or even individual users, so your team can access all (and only) the bits they need to.

This makes it a great CMS for projects or businesses where more than one person will be creating and managing content.

The Craft Matrix

The Matrix is the name for the content blocks which make up your pages.  

These make adding and editing content a dream, and include standard content blocks for content like Image, Title, Body and Calls to Action but we can also build bespoke blocks, depending on what your needs and goals are.

Infinite content blocks can be added, re-ordered and even hidden.

Creative freedom!

Your site can look exactly the way you want it to. There are no creative constraints - to give you some idea of the flexibility, check out the examples on Awwwards.com - it’s good to see (some of) what’s possible.  

You’re in good company

There are tens of thousands of sites run on Craft CMS now, and over 1.5k of them are in the in the top million sites.  

Award winning

Recently awarded prizes for both Best CMS for SMB and Best Wordpress Alternative - digital agencies love Craft CMS.

Developer community

The number of Craft CMS partners - developers specialising in Craft CMS - is growing month-on-month, which means you can always find someone to work with on your website.

Add to that the numerous developer communities, meetups and conferences springing up around it, you can see why Craft is fast becoming the CMS of choice amongst so many digital agencies.

Standalone or extendable

Craft offers extensive out-of-the-box features, but there are also hundreds of third-party add-ons and plugins and we can build bespoke modules, that can be customised exactly to your needs.  In our opinion, this makes it one of the most easily extendable CMSs on the market.

Additionally Craft integrates with loads of marketing tools - so no need to worry about incorporating your Salesforce data, or how it will work with your MailChimp account - it can do all that!


Craft’s excellent security track record provides total peace of mind.

Recent Electric Putty websites built in Craft

We are really proud of our work  - here are a few of the recent websites we’ve created with Craft:

Interested? Find out more about Craft

The Craft CMS website is: https://craftcms.com and there is more information about benefits of Craft here too: https://craftcms.com/product.

If you fancy understanding more about the tech behind Craft read our part one blog post about Craft  http://electricputty.co.uk/blog/why-we-love-craft-cms/

Really interested? Contact us!

Why not give us a call and we can talk you through why we think Craft might be good for your project?  We're always looking for interesting new web design projects to get stuck into.

Fire us an email: us@electricputty.co.uk or call us for a chat: 01273 677557