Brand Management Platform

BrandStencil saves you time, saves your organisation money, and ensures all communication material and artwork created is always on brand.

Here's how we make looking after your brand so simple...

BrandStencil is a brand management platform for charities. It’s a place where everyone connected with your organisation can instantly create on-brand, customised materials that are ready for print. BrandStencil protects the investment you've made in your brand and saves you time and money every day. Talk to us about how to create an effective brand toolkit for your organisation or start a free trial. 

"The simplicity and performance of the BrandStencil system is what appealed to us the most and we've had nothing but excellent feedback from our users. It is extremely important to us to have a consistent brand and experience across our UK-wide operations - without BrandStencil, this wouldn't be quite so easy to achieve."


Communication Material Audit Workshop

You’ve got your brand guidelines but how do you get people to use them? Example artwork is great, but branded templates are even better. We can help you audit your comms material and assess artwork suitability for turning into templates - we’ll give you practical advice on getting your artwork ‘template ready’.