Who we are

Established in 2004, Electric Putty has been delivering harmonious web experiences within the charity and not-for-profit sector for nealy 12 years.

We're a close-knit core team with a 'extended family' of seasoned developers, graphic designers and digital whizzes to draw upon to meet the needs of a specific project. We're all continually learning and we like it that way.

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  • Photo of Melanie Burke

    Melanie Burke

    Co-founder & Client Services Director

  • Photo of Malcolm Elsworth

    Malcolm Elsworth

    Co-founder & Director of Technology

  • Photo of Luke Watson-Davies

    Luke Watson-Davies

    Head of Production

  • Photo of Lou Carroll

    Lou Carroll


  • Photo of Iain Bean

    Iain Bean


  • Photo of Daniele Zanfardino

    Daniele Zanfardino


  • Photo of Ashley Chin

    Ashley Chin


  • Photo of Ruth Watson-Davies

    Ruth Watson-Davies

    Senior designer

  • Photo of Donna Hay

    Donna Hay

    Digital Marketing Manager

  • Fancy joining the team?

    We're always on the look out for talented, creative individuals. If that's you, email us

What makes us different

It might sound a bit 'worthy' but we believe it is important to say what you believe in. Here is what matters to us.



We never push a round peg into a square template

You're not-for-profit, so what do you stand for? All our clients are completely unique in their purposes, that's why each one deserves a unique approach.


We find the detail in the bigger picture

A project with solid foundations will always stand up. We drill down to get to the reasons underpinning your work and discover what you really want.


We know a solution shared is a problem erased

The web is collaborative, and we're always learning. If we come up with something a little bit genius, we let you know about it.