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Accessibility statement

Electric Putty feel passionately that the web is there for all.

To us, the term 'accessibility' means not only the technical features that can be delivered, it is an attitude to everything we do which is integral to the way we work. Our website has been built to be as accessible as possible to the widest range of users through a number of features:

This website has been built using:

  • valid XHTML
  • valid CSS

All pages contain a link to:

  • The site map listing all the pages within our site

All images have:

  • relevant alternative text (alt tag) description
  • been optimised for quick download times

All font sizes are:

  • relative, enabling resizing through your browsers controls

All content has been written:

  • to be clear and concise
  • to be readable on the screen
  • to be useful or interesting

If you are having any problems accessing the content on this site do please let us know and we will try and rectify the problem.