Amplifying supporter engagement with PosterMaker

Crohn's and Colitis UK are the UK’s leading charity in the battle against Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis. Founded as a patients’ association in 1979, they now have 32,000 members across the UK. They used our PosterMaker app to engage and empower their community of passionate supporters with an awareness raising co-creation campaign.

Project Highlights

  • Over 4,000 posters made by supporters in one week
  • Over 33,000 views of posters made (that's clicks, not just impressions)
  • Built using PosterMaker, our social campaigning app.


Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis are often viewed as ‘invisible illnesses’. Although someone may appear ‘okay’ on the outside, they may be in a daily battle with their serious and life-long medical condition. The objective of the Crohn’s & Colitis Awareness Week 2016 was to increase understanding of both conditions to ensure the true and debilitating impacts are more visible and better understood.

The charity wanted to engage and empower its community of passionate supporters to tell their own stories -  the good, the bad and the raw - so friends and family could become more aware about life with a chronic illness.


Inspired by an infographic style illustration that a supporter with Crohn’s Disease had made to describe her daily life, Crohns & Colitis UK wanted their community to be able to create their own 'life records' that they could instantly share on social media.

It was a bloody brilliant idea and was superbly realised by the great team at Electric Putty. Thousands of people loved the creativity behind making and sharing their story.

Dan McLean
Director of Marketing, Communications and Membership, Crohn's and Colitis UK

Through an iterative discovery and definition process which involved staff across the organisation as well as supporters, we designed the infographic, 'Crohn's, Colitis & Me' with a mix of personal details including when the person was diagnosed, a photo and awareness raising facts about meds and surgery. 

Of course, the poster needed to be instantly recognisable as part of the organisation's brand. We evolved the brand identity, using iconography and a selectable colour palette to create a consistent, visual appeal.

As the infographic would be shown in social timelines there was limited space so we had make decisions on what were the most important things to convey. What would have the most impact? What would everyone be able to answer? We wanted as many people as possible to take part, so the experience needed to be fun, simple and quick.

The personalised life data was entered using our PosterMaker app through a mix of free text, selecting from predefined options and use of default facts, which displayed when a question wasn’t relevant. For example, if the supporter stated they’d had no surgery, an interesting fact about surgery would be displayed.

PosterMaker stores all data entered, giving Crohn’s & Colitis UK more data about supporters which can be used to create new stories or produce more supporter centric content and information in the future.


The campaign was an overwhelming success with infographics being made and shared immediately from launch. Crohn’s & Colitis marketed primarily through Facebook, whilst the built-in gallery wall in PosterMaker motivated other supporters to create their own infographic.

The integrated reporting in PosterMaker meant Crohn’s & Colitis were able to accurately measure the usage. During Awareness Week almost 5,000 Crohn’s, Colitis and Me infographics were made. Here are the actual stats:

  • Infographics created: 4,810
  • Total engagement: 33,274
  • Average engagement per infographic: 6
  • Image Downloads: 919
  • PDF Downloads: 235
  • Facebook shares: 1706
  • Twitter shares: 561
  • Total shares: 2,267