Home Truths Interactive Quiz

In just 4 weeks, we designed and built an interactive quiz with results that can be shared online to raise awareness of the housing crisis.

Project Highlights

  1. A fully responsive, embeddable quiz
  2. A postcode search to serve local questions
  3. Animated and interactive illustrations
  4. Banded performance feedback
  5. Shareable infographic

The National Housing Federation represent the work of housing associations and campaign for better, affordable housing. They needed some creative digital content to draw more attention to recent trends, which, if they continue, will mean that only the wealthiest of the next generation will be able to buy a home.


In 2013 the Federation created a report revealing that first-time buyers now have to pay, in real terms, ten times the deposit needed in the early 1980s.

They had collated figures around these trends at local authority and national level which they wanted to turn into an interactive quiz to engage users with the data.

It was also really important that the quiz was shareable to help them expand their reach and impact on these issues. we felt it was really important to add an impactful element which could also be shared and would highlight the issue within a social feed.

Electric Putty came up with a fun and engaging tool which was well designed and had a strong focus on creating a great user experience, with analytics so we can see how successful it's been.

Sarah Rughoonundon, Digital Manager
National Housing Federation


We created a fully responsive quiz which allows users to enter their postcode and test their knowledge of housing in their local area.

Each question has it’s own illustrated graphic, with little animated details to make them come alive. Sliders and buttons let users interact with these to input their guesses on a scale.

The actual statistic is revealed after each guess, engaging the user by directly challenging their assumptions. The national figure is also given as a helpful point of comparison.

At the end of the quiz, users are scored on accuracy and are given banded performance feedback, increasing shareability. The ten key statistics learnt about their local area are presented in an infographic, displaying the overall narrative of the data and providing something personal and shareable.  

The quiz is also embeddable on any website to increase it’s reach.


  • The quiz has been completed 1220 times
  • The quiz has been shared 38 times

The majority of this traffic was from 15th September 2014 - 23rd September 2014